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Ialma in concert at the AB – Sunday 19 february 2012 – 17h00

Infos & tickets : +32 (0)2 548 24 24 -> www.abconcerts.be
Ancienne Belgique : Anspachlaan, 110 – 1000 Brussel


Ialma in concert at the AB


The festive high point of the ten-year existence of Ialma.

The remarkable “Simbiose” CD was the start of a celebratory year in 2011 because of the ten-year career of this effervescent female Galician-Brussels quintet.

Over the past year, they have toured various remote corners of Europe (Spain, Germany, France, Italy) and beyond (Egypt and Morocco).

The base they return to is in Brussels, the venue of their first ever concert ten years ago: the AB.

For this occasion, they will provide a distinctly festive programme, with no other than the prestigious Bagad de Lorient (a Breton collective involving 40 musicians) as the icing on the cake. They met during the Festival Interceltique last summer and are keen to share the stage with them at the final concert. This will also be the very first time that Le Bagad de Lorient can be seen in Brussels.

A festive night with a concert by Ialma, followed by a Galician “Queimada” and finally a “Fez-Noz” (Breton ball) with Le Bagad de Lorient to close the evening with musical fireworks.

Ialma line-up:
Veronica Codesal : vocals, dance, gaita & pandeireta
Magali Menendez : vocals, dance & pandeireta
Natalia Codesal : vocals, dance & pandeireta
Marisol Palomo : vocals, dance, pandeireta & percussion
Nuria Aldao : vocals, dance, pandeireta & percussion
Pascal Chardome : piano, guitar
Didier Laloy : diatonic accordion
Fred Malempré : drums, percussion
Benoît Vanderstraeten : bass

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